Adult Course / Living and Thriving with Adult ADHD

Springboard Clinic

Adult Course / Living and Thriving with Adult ADHD

Springboard Clinic
Reg $399.00
Reg $399.00

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Course is open for registration until December 31st!

Exclusive League pricing! Springboard is giving League members 15% off this course!

Guided by Springboard’s founder Laura MacNiven, connect with other adults in a safe and confidential space of creativity and curiosity. Develop new strategies to work through focusing challenges with a mindset of discovery and explore ways to feel less stuck and more yourself.

Over four months, engage in live bi-weekly sessions, group discussions, self-reflection activities and course content to gain insight into how challenges with attention play a role in your life. Join this vibe of connection, hope, support and possibility!

Course session dates:

  • Tuesday November 1st at 730 pm EST
  • Tuesday November 15th at 730 pm EST
  • Tuesday November 29th at 730 pm EST
  • Tuesday December 13th at 730 pm EST
  • Tuesday January 10th at 730 pm EST
  • Tuesday January 24th at 730 pm EST
  • Tuesday February 7 at 730 pm EST
  • Tuesday February 21 730 pm EST
  • Tuesday March 14th 730 pm EST


“My favourite part has been the camaraderie in the forums and video chats. It is empowering to trade similar stories on how ADHD has affected our lives and enlightening to see first-hand the diversity in how it surfaces. As a group, we have lifted each other up, laughed at shared experiences, and collaborated to problem-solve blockers. I think it's an excellent resource for someone who is feeling daunted by their diagnosis or symptoms. Thank you so much, for Springboard, for your book, and for this course. It has been difficult to find and access appropriate resources, and these have all made a positive impact on my life!”

“The topics we covered did a great job of acknowledging the emotional and mental baggage that comes with any emotional health issue. Through this book I learned about myself and found parts of me that I never gave a voice to before, ultimately helping me reconcile my past struggles. I understand my misgivings and have outgrown some over the months. There is still a lot of work ahead, I know this. With this experience, journal entries, strategies, etc... I feel much better equipped for my journey and my ability to get back to safety if I lose it.”

A Springboard Clinic representative will reach out within 24 hours of purchase to provide next steps for registration.
Springboard Clinic
Toronto, ON, CAN
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