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The Virtues of Telemedicine in a Changing World

Will this generation be the one to witness the extinction of an antiquated, archaic health care system?

Epic shifts in health care coupled with the recent health crisis have made abundantly clear the important role telemedicine is playing today and will continue to play in our lives moving forward.

Appointments done from the comfort of home via video conferencing. After-hours questions answered via chatbots. The global pandemic has revealed the lengths to which telemedicine can make the lives of both doctors and patients easier, more convenient and more affordable.

But we don’t need to be socially distancing to understand the many benefits of virtual care. The new reality of 24/7 accessibility (made possible thanks to AI) means middle-of-the-night ER visits and extended wait times may soon become a thing of the past minimizing an already vulnerable individual’s needless exposure to invisible pathogens.

Imagine instead using simple technologies to request a virtual assessment as a precursor to, and possibly a replacement for, a walk-in clinic or hospital. Next imagine your doctor making a diagnosis, prescribing medications, or talking you through a treatment plan, all 100% remotely. 

And without the need for as many face-to-face interactions (or long queues in germ-filled waiting rooms), we may begin to observe a slowing of the spread of contagious illnesses during cold and flu season, or if another pandemic hits. 

It’s no wonder telemedicine is projected to vastly improve access and quality of care, patient outcomes, and our lives in general. 

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