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Make Time to Feel Energized

Drinking enough fluids ensures we are functioning human beings that can hold a conversation, make important decisions, and get through the day.

Eat mindfully. At breakfast, give yourself permission to put down your phone, close your laptop, turn of the TV… and simply enjoy your meal. The key here is to minimize distractions and eat with all of your senses.

Savour every bite. Make it a meal to remember. And, of course, stop eating when you are full. That might sound like an obvious piece of advice, but the result of mindless eating is often overeating. (Think back to the last time you scarfed down a bag of chips while watching a movie… or ate one too many sweets while working at your desk.)

Not only will eating mindfully add a sense of delight to your daily routine, it’s a great way to keep your weight under control without dieting.

League has created a 3 Day Reset Guide to help you focus on simple, clean foods that are easy to prepare and easy to digest. We’ve cut out the biggest inflammatory culprits and focused on minimally processed foods and introduced lifestyle modifications to help you re-energize, re-fresh and re-new your approach to wellness. Expect to feel lighter, more energized and experience more restorative sleep.

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Make Time to Feel Energized

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