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Light & Delicious Meal Guide

In a world of oversized portions, it’s important to give ourselves permission (or a reminder!) to stop eating when we feel full or, even better, 80% full. Too many of us simply eat because food is in front of us, which can leave us feeling bloated and result in unwanted weight gain. While it can be tough to break the habit, you’ll reap the reward of leftovers (read: free lunch!) the next day.

Once you’ve finished your meal, notice how you feel (physically AND mentally) both directly after eating and a couple of hours later. But remember, if you’re hungry, eat. Don’t deny your body food if you feel hungry in between meals. Chances are, it’ll only make you eat that much more once lunch or dinner rolls around.

We’ve made it easy for you to understand what foods you should be eating that will keep you full but still provide you with the nutrition you need. League’s Light and Delicious Meal Guide is a perfect way to help balance your meals.

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Light & Delicious Meal Guide

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