Veterinary Telehealth Appointment With A Veterinary Technician

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Veterinary Telehealth Appointment With A Veterinary Technician

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Product Details

Save 15% off your appointment fee with a registered veterinary technician on Vetster! Connect with a veterinary technician online through video, voice or text chat right from the comfort of home. Vetster provides pet parents with accessible, quality pet care for a flat, fixed fee.

Online appointment with a veterinary technician. Vetster treats cats, dogs, exotics, pocket pets, equine, lizards and more.

  • Create an account in minutes and book your appointment immediately
  • Flat appointment fee
  • Note: Veterinary technicians cannot diagnose medical conditions nor prescribe medication or treatment
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We will process the refund within three (3) business days. Vetster’s decision with respect to refunds is final and binding.
Toronto, Ontario, CAN
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