Save the Bees Wildflower Seed bombs, set of 4

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Save the Bees Wildflower Seed bombs, set of 4

Essence of Life Organics

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Seed bombs harness the power to effectively distribute native wildflower seeds in an effort to help conservation. This one small motion can have a huge impact on your local environment.

By dropping a seed bomb in your garden or using seed bombs to reestablish wildflower prairies, we each have the ability to participate in protecting bees, butterflies and birds in your area.

What is a Seed Bomb? Seed Bombs are nutrient packed balls of clay, worm castings and native Canadian wildflower seeds. They grow native wildflowers, specially hand-picked for creating habitats for bees and butterflies. Each tiny bomb creates 1 sq ft of beautiful garden.

How to use:

  1. Throw or drop directly on the ground. Preferably with minimal pre-existing vegetation but not necessary. In early Spring or Fall.
  2. Water—Wait for rain or water directly Simply wait. While the seed bomb is packed with various seeds, all seed species grow at different rates.
  3. You may have some the first year and the rest the following year. We are following the natural process.
  4. Growing native wildflowers is a long term commitment. Each wildflower is perennial, meaning they return each year. Spreading out a little each year, into a beautiful meadow.
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