Psychoeducational Assessment

Springboard Clinic

Psychoeducational Assessment

Springboard Clinic

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  • In-depth assessment conducted over several sessions (typically three sessions of about three hours each).
  • Cognitive and academic psychological testing; personal questionnaires.
  • Clinical interview with Springboard psychology team.
  • Medical interview with Springboard specialist physician.
  • Results/feedback session with psychologist or psychological associate.

Springboard’s psychoeducational (PE) assessment process is rigorous, comprehensive and highly personalized. It provides the insights you need to be more strategic in your (or your child’s) academic planning, career options and personal path through life. Your PE assessment includes a thorough review of cognitive and academic skills, attention issues and overall mental health. It also integrates a medical review with a specialist physician.

The opportunity to share your (or your child’s) story in depth, guided by our PE assessment team, yields vital benefits:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of how your brain works, from cognitive abilities and executive functioning to memory and visual-motor skills, to learning skills and how you process information.
  • Find answers and new clarity regarding your past struggles, exploring areas that are particularly tough or frustrating for you.
  • Learn more about your personal strengths, motivations and passions — the unique drivers that make you tick.
  • Make better-informed academic and career decisions, identifying the rights supports and accommodations to set you up for success.

This is not a regimented, one-size-fits-all process. It’s about working together, on your terms, to discover your true self. Maybe you’re struggling with low motivation or the feeling that you can’t live up to your own expectations. Perhaps you feel that despite a lot of effort, you aren’t fulfilling your real potential in your studies or at work. Or you may feel that sadness or frustration are blocking your ability to succeed. Whatever your reasons for seeking a PE assessment, we listen closely and then collaborate with you — and each other — to build a solid foundation for ongoing support.

Our sessions together are designed to be engaging, thought-provoking and ultimately illuminating for you. We build in plenty of time to take brief breaks and regroup, or to accommodate any special learning or mental health needs. Sometimes we need to book additional time to finish assessment tasks; in other cases, we wrap up sooner than expected. As always with Springboard, you’re at the centre of a process that’s shaped by your needs and expectations.

Once you’ve completed your three sessions, our assessment team collaborates on a detailed report. We then arrange a feedback session (typically four to six weeks after your last appointment) in which a Springboard psychologist or psychological associate presents the PE assessment results and recommendations. Through that open dialogue, you decide together on the best course of action going forward.

The final feedback report is sent (with your permission) to your referring physician, who can use its findings to recommend next steps. Comprehensive yet accessible, the report provides helpful insights to your family doctor or referring physician. It can also help educators and school administrators arrange accommodations, learning supports and other assistance. (Please note that to integrate a consultation with a specialist physician into your PE assessment, we require a referral from your family doctor — so the sooner you submit your basic information questionnaire, the better.)

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