Childrens Hand Knitted Weighted Blanket (Natural)

Silk & Snow
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Childrens Hand Knitted Weighted Blanket (Natural)

Silk & Snow

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Woven with natural cotton, our hand knit weighted blanket provides all of the beneficial stress-free comfort of a traditional weighted blanket without pesky glass pellets.

Our natural hand knitted weighted blanket provides cozy, stress-free comfort using a 100% cotton construction.


Our cotton hand knitted blanket promotes better airflow, allowing you to chill out and cool off, literally.


Featuring natural cotton, our weighted blanket is more sustainable than conventional options, since it is not entirely crafted from synthetic textiles.

Filler Free

We avoid the use of glass or plastic pellets, creating a quietly comfortable weighted blanket.


Our weighted blanket can be returned within 100 days of receipt, as long as the blanket is in a donatable condition. (e.g., no stains, tears or other soiling, including odors)


8lbs - Kids : 41" x 60"

12lbs: 41" x 72"

15lbs: 45” x 72”

20 lbs : 51” x 72”

25 lbs: 54” x 72”

Cooling Properties

Made with a beautiful knitted construction, our weighted blanket ensures you de-stress comfortably, by allowing greater breathability when compared to conventional weighted blankets. Cool off and unwind.

What Weight is Right for Me?

Silk & Snow Weighted Blankets are made to be more compact, so should be roughly weight 10-15% of your overall body weight. However, most people find that 15 and 20 pound blankets provide the perfect weight distribution. If you are in between weights, then it would be a matter of whether you prefer a milder hugging sensation (a lighter blanket) or a more prominent hugging sensation (a heavier blanket). Find your perfect weight and let the relaxation begin.

8 lbs – Kids: Child size weighted blanket, designed specifically for kids.

12 lbs: Recommended for those looking for a gentle hugging experience, or for those around 120lbs in body weight.

15 lbs: Perfect for those who prefer a milder hugging sensation, or for those under or around 150lbs in body weight.

20 lbs: Works well for those who want a more prominent hugging sensation, or for those around 170lbs or higher in body weight.

25 lbs: Hits the spot for those who want a noticeably heavy hugging sensation, and for those around 250lbs in body weight or higher.

Ships across Canada excluding North West Territories. FREE Shipping on all orders.
Silk & Snow Inc.
Toronto, Ontario, CAN
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