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Benchmark Assessment

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  • Initial half-day session at our clinic or via secure videoconference.
  • Follow-up feedback session to review your assessment and discuss next steps.
  • Your Springboard assessment team: a physician specializing in the medical dimensions of ADHD and other mental health concerns; a psychometrist with the expertise to separate your ADHD from your true self, and to gauge ADHD’s impact on all aspects of your life; and a clinical psychologist or psychological associate who works to better understand you and guide you on your journey forward.
  • Outcome: a full assessment of your attention/focus issues and overall mental health and wellbeing — plus a personally tailored ADHD treatment plan.

In our first conversation, we talk about your strengths, your interests and the things you feel passionate about. The tone is friendly, and the pace is easygoing; this isn’t a test or audition. We just believe that getting to know who you really are — your hopes and dreams, as well as your frustrations and disappointments — is critical to creating the kind of rich, detailed profile we can build on going forward.

We explore your experience with attention issues, asking for examples from your everyday life, past and present. By understanding a bit better how your brain works, we can be more targeted in planning the right course of action together.

This initial session typically concludes with a medical assessment. You meet with a Springboard psychiatrist or pediatrician (if not the same day, then as soon as we can arrange an appointment), who looks at your ADHD experience in the context of your overall mental and physical health. To support this aspect, we ask you to provide a full medical history in advance. (Please note that to integrate a Springboard specialist physician into your assessment, we require a referral from your family doctor — so the sooner you submit your basic information questionnaire, the better.)

In the course of your Springboard Benchmark Assessment, our team:

  • Uses various tools to assess your ADHD traits and identify any mental health concerns affecting your daily life
  • Reviews the pre-assessment questionnaires completed by you and people who know you well, such as parents, teachers and other partners
  • Reviews any prior evaluations and/or educational reports
  • Screens for other social-emotional or mental health issues.

After this first session, you get a break while our team compares findings, shares perspectives and collaborates on a thorough report. Meanwhile, as you reflect on the experience, you may have some unanswered questions or feelings you’d like to discuss further. We encourage you to take note of any thoughts you’d like to explore further in the follow-up appointment.

Your feedback session, usually scheduled in three to four weeks, is with the psychologist or psychological associate on your Springboard Benchmark Assessment team. It’s an opportunity to review your personal assessment report, ask detailed questions and discuss recommended treatment options. Following this in-depth conversation, if you’re interested in working with our coaching and therapy team (and our medical advisors if that’s recommended), we can start mapping out your path forward and book your initial treatment sessions.

A Springboard Clinic member will reach out to you within 24 hours of purchase to schedule your appointment
Springboard Clinic
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