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EDMONTON, Alberta, Canada


Our agency is a grass roots not-for-profit organization that has brought over 1700 families together through 30 plus years of experience. We are licensed and regulated by the Child Youth and Family Enhancement Act, and are specifically trained to assist expectant parents with considering all of their options for their child - - supporting them through the entire adoption process if they decide this to be the best option for their child; or providing support by connecting to appropriate community resources if their choice is not adoption. We have two physical offices, one in Calgary and one in Edmonton, with professional social workers available throughout the province. Open adoption is an option that the birthparent and our social worker will discuss. Each situation is unique. Birthparents will be given practical and emotional support as they work through their grief and loss, and provided with decision-making counselling. If they decide to make an adoption plan, they choose the family for their baby and will learn about maintaining healthy and appropriate connections. Counselling and support is available for as long as the individual requires it at no charge. We have approximately 150 approved adoptive applicants in our domestic adoption program, accepting and skilled in welcoming a child from a diverse background and set of circumstances. Every person who walks through our doors will be treated with respect and dignity by our team.

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