Can I split payments on Lifemarket?

You can choose more than one Payment Method when you buy products on Lifemarket, but you can't choose how much you pay with each Payment Method. 


If you choose more than one Payment Method, we'll take money out of the accounts in this order:


  1. Health Spending Account (HSA) 
  2. Lifestyle Spending Account (LSA)
  3. League Credit
  4. Credit card


For example, let's say your order is $100. You want to pay with your League Credit and LSA balance. You have $20 of League Credit and $90 left in your LSA. You can't choose how much money to take out of each account. Our system takes your $20 of League Credit first, and then takes $80 from your LSA, for a total of $100.


If you have a spending account and want to use a specific amount from the account, pay with your credit card. You can then submit a claim to League and specify the amount of money you want to use. 


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