May We Have Your Attention Please? Online ADHD Course

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May We Have Your Attention Please? Online ADHD Course

Springboard Clinic

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Our 10-week May We Have Your Attention Please? online course rolls out this April, and we are so excited to deliver this course in an engaging, interactive format. If you are interested in connecting with other adults about attention issues through a confidential and inviting platform, we would love to have you join!

Why the course?

Because we get it. May We Have Your Attention Please? is a jam-packed book, and it’s a lot to manage all on your own.

“You pick it up, and then you put it back down. You start working through an activity, but it feels like too much to get through…”

We’re here to help! And that’s why we have designed this online, open to anyone, anywhere program. It is our honour to walk alongside individuals from all walks of life (and from across the globe!), as you make sense of your journey with focusing challenges. Based on our workbook, the course applies cutting-edge research and lessons from working with thousands of adults with ADHD and attention issues, shared by specialists with extensive professional – and sometimes personal – experience managing the disorder. We hope you will join us!

How will it work?

Over the course of 10 weeks, and at your own pace, Coach Laura will guide you through the steps outlined in our workbook. Your stories, questions, and examples will inform the content we talk about over chat and during our live Zoom sessions. Please note that you are invited to share at your own pace or stay anonymous – however you prefer to show up.

What will I learn?

Through digestible lessons, supportive check-ins, and insightful exercises you will:

  • Learn how your brain works to leverage your ADHD for strength
  • Discover practical, hands-on activities to separate yourself from your symptoms
  • Connect with others asking their own questions about how attention issues impact their lives
  • Join a dialogue of safety and kindness where we inspire each other "to work differently"

What's included in the course?

  • 4 live group Zoom sessions with Coach Laura, 60 minutes each
  • 2 optional interactive group check-ins with shares, ah-has!, 60 minutes each
  • 10 weeks of content with regular email check-ins and tips for success
  • Private community and dialogue with fellow individuals during the course
  • 1 year full access to course materials and recorded live gatherings
  • Ample short, sweet, and supportive videos to guide you on your way
  • Dozens of activities, exercises, and opportunities to learn more about your own wants and needs

When does it start?

This cohort runs from April 5th, 2022 until June 7th, 2022.

When will we meet together?

We will meet live online 6 times over the 10 weeks on:

  • Tuesday April 5th at 7:30 pm EST
  • Tuesday April 19th at 12 pm EST (lunch session)
  • Tuesday May 3rd at 7:30 pm EST
  • Tuesday May 17th at 12 pm EST (lunch session)
  • Tuesday May 31st at 7:30 pm EST
  • Tuesday June 7th at 7:30 pm EST

We're happy to have your questions, discussions and suggestions guide our group meet-up conversations – we want to give you the motivating content you're looking for!

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